Zachary Gauvin is the A & P here at LakeviewAviation. He earned his A & P from East Coast Aero Tech and has been working here for ten years. In his free time, Zach enjoys snowmobiling and riding motorcycles.



Shop rate $75/hr

Annual Inspections*
Single Engine – fixed gear $600
Single Engine – retractable gear $900
Multi-engine Call for a quote

*Please note the listed inspection prices are for inspections. Repair costs are added as required

CorrosionX Treatment available, please call for a quote

Fuel Prices**
100LL – Self serve $5.20/gal
100LL – Full service $5.40/gal
Jet-A $4.69/gal

**Fuel prices eliminate overnight tie down fees (charter planes omitted). Prices are subject to change without notice.

Oil Prices
15W-50 $8.60/qt
W100-W80 $7.60/qt

Pre-heat Fixed Cost
Single-engine $30
Multi-engine $40

Ramp Fees
Overnight Contact us
Single-engine tie down $3.00/night
Multi-engine tie down $3.00/night
Tie-down, monthly $45.00
Hangar, single upon availability $200/month
Charter, MTOW < 15000lb $120
Charter, MTOW > 15000lb $275

Scenic tours, up to three people – $189.00/hr